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Infa Secure Comfi Astra

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Your child is over 6 months old and you're looking for a car seat that will last to the don't have to be in one any more. The Infa Secure Comfi Astra has lots of padding to ensure a younger child is really supported. As your child grows simply remove the padding for a comfortable fit.

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  • The Comfi Astra is a forward facing child restraint and can be used with the in-built harness from approximately 6 months through to 4 years old. Once your child reaches the middle shoulder height marker, you can convert the Comfi Astra into a booster seat for use with a lap sash seatbelt.
  • Featuring Active Fabric, the Comfi Astra is cooler, breathable and more comfortable than ever. Active Fabric utilises the same high performance polyester fibres and weave as athletic apparel and active wear. Active Fabric is soft to the touch, keeps cool and helps draw moisture away from the child’s skin. It’s also the a hard wearing fabric – essential for real parents with real (and often horrifically messy) children.
  • The Comfi Astra features an adjustable & removable headrest pad, shoulder strap pads & crotch buckle pad & cover.
  • The Comfi Astra is one of the top rated forward facing restraints on CREP. It expands on the Comfi Cruiser’s features, and introduces new innovations in safety, comfort and ergonomics. It’s also a slimmer seat than it’s predecessors, at just 47.5cm – without losing any internal width!
  • The new redesigned shell incorporates an ergonomic shape for extra comfort, maintaining a super strong blow moulded construction, larger belt path access, and a unique anti-submarining technology - resulting in the safest, comfiest convertible booster seat Infa Secure have ever created.
  • In a frontal accident, the unique 'pommel' design of the seat base, and the air-bag-like blow moulded construction acts in a similar way to the front seats of your car - the sloped surface results in a larger downward force, rather than lateral, decelerating the child and reducing forward movement and submarining. In booster seat mode, the anti-submarine designed arm rests work in tandem with the new base, keeping the lap belt down across your child's lap, and the included SafeGrip Belt Clamp ensures the lap belt does not ride up into their soft abdominal area.
  • In addition to this, Infa Secure offer an exclusive under-the-seat belt path which significantly reduces the forward movement of the seat in a frontal accident, compared to dated through-the-backrest belt paths used on other convertible booster seats on the market. The new larger access areas under the arm rests make installation easier than ever before.
  • The Comfi Astra features a high, blow moulded backrest with large side wings for enhanced side impact protection, and a recline position for your child's comfort.