Hurphy Durphy Buckle Guard

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Your child has learnt how to unbuckle the adult seat belt. However, adults can also accidentally do this when they are departing the vehicle. Even shopping bags placed on the back seat can cause the buckle to disengage. Once this occurs, the child restraint becomes unanchored, creating a very dangerous situation for the child. The Hurphy Durphy eliminates the risk of this happening.


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  • Seat belt buckles act as anchor points for child restraints. In most cases, a rear-located anchor point is securely mounted and latched in, while the second anchor point is a seat belt buckle. If this buckle is undone and an accident occurs, the combined weight of the child and the restraint creates a catapult effect, with potentially catastrophic results.
  • Made from neoprene and plastic, the Hurphy Durphy is suited to both front release and top opening seat belt buckles. Once fitted, it can be removed easily by adults but is virtually impossible for children to unfasten, due to the use of heavy duty Velcro.