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Glow Dreaming Sleep Easy


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You want the ultimate smart sleep device. The Sleep Easy is the safest sleep aid on the market, designed to support your little one at every life stage.

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  • Smart assist app that helps schedule your day and provides one touch customised sleep settings. You can also manually control your sleep aid straight from the unit itself.
  • Induce a deep sleep with authentic true Pink Noise (world first engineering design) and block out background noises.
  • Naturally produce melatonin (red light therapy)
  • Your sleep support membership reduces stress by giving you one on one access to Glow Sleep Experts.
  • Green to rise teaches your child when it’s okay to start the day as well as improving concentration and mood.
  • Soothes dry nasal passages, eases breathing and reduces congestion (Humidifier with 500ml capacity to support an entire night of sleep running for 10-12 hrs).

What’s in the Box
- Glow Sleep Easy Unit
- Glow Sleep Genie App
- Power Cord
- Glow User Manual & Information Booklet
- One-on-One Sleep Support

Download the app for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
This subscription allows you access to the BASIC features of the app.:

Sleep Genie App BASIC Access
-Glow Remote Control.
Use the remote to turn on each feature. You will be advised in the included app articles what the right settings are to use. (Presets to turn your Glow to the recommended settings for your child’s age with a single touch that change automatically as your little one grows are a Premium Access Feature)

- View a suggested sleep schedule tailored to your child's age to help you set up a robust sleep routine.
The sleep schedule will change automatically as your little one grows, so you know when to tweak things to meet their changing needs. (Editing your schedule and tracking your child's sleep patterns is a Premium Access Feature)

- Sample of library of sleep support content, curated for your little one’s age.
You get access to a small sample of hundreds of sleep tips, schedules and articles that tailor themselves to your child's age, and change automatically as your child grows so you always have the best information for your family when you need it most 24/7.