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Fridge To Go Single Bottle Tote Cooler Bag


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You are always out and about! Travelling with food and drinks can now be a breeze with the Fridge-to-go acting as an extension of the home refrigerator and replacing the best cooler bag used at home. Completely portable, the bags require no messy ice bricks, batteries or external power source.

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  • Keeps formula, milk, juice and food chilled for up to 4 hours.
  • Holds one bottle or cup.
  • Easily fits into your baby bag or handbag.
  • Velcro attachment so you can easily attach it on to your stroller.
  • Includes removable chilling disk for super coolness. The liquid is non-toxic purified salt water.
  • BPA-free, lead and PVC-safe.
  • Ideal to strap to kid's lunch bag.
  • Size: internal measurements 195 x 80 mm.