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Cam Cam Copenhagen Hot Air Balloon Lamp Shade

You will love this if…
You would like to create a dreamy expression. The Hot Air Balloon distributes a cozy, warm and soft lighting. Perfect for the the childrens' bedroom or playroom. As well as providing light, the hot air balloon lamp adds a dreamy expression that makes the little ones minds go on an imaginary journey up in the sky. The lamp shade has an expression that will make you children dream of traveling to far away places on exciting expeditions. The lamps appeals to both babies and bigger children, actually to anybody who has a good imagination :)

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A little bit more info…
  • The popular hot air balloon lamp shade is made of cotton and has a little basket dangling from the balloon.
  • It creates a dreamy atmosphere with the warm and cosy light in the nursery when being set up next to the baby cot. The balloon lamp can also encourage your child's fantasy by being a part of a playful set-up in their playroom or create a calm and tasteful expression in your baby's bedroom.
  • It is easy to style with other Cam Cam Copenhagen products, since the prints are the same, and the colors are in the same range.
  • Dimensions: Dia 25 x 42cm