Bobux Lady Jane

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Your little girl is a "pre-walker". She may be sitting up, crawling and becoming more curious about her surroundings but she is not yet walking. So she's using her feet but not in the muscular way she will as adults. She is not putting a lot of weight on them and so the bones and muscles need not be, and indeed aren’t defined. Through unrestricted movement Soft Soles allow the foot to flex and grip, refine and strengthen, setting the physical foundation for a foot to grow into adulthood. To put it simply, wearing a Soft Sole provides the freedom required for a little foot to do all the things it should through this stage of development, while providing protection from the environment.


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  • The Lady Jane soft sole with leather upper featuring a ruched elastic and brogue detailing design is a sweet, smart shoe. This is a great style for special occasions. They are nice and simple, with just enough dainty detailing. These are beautiful paired with a nice simple dressed, stockings or leggings.
  • All classic Bobux Soft Soles feature a great elastic opening which is designed to be easy to get on- and stay on!
  • The suede sole also provides a great non-slip surface so your little one can move around safely.
  • Podiatrist endorsed.
  • Child safe + non-toxic.
  • Simplicity is at the root of the Soft Sole’s genius. Here’s a shoe that actually meets the needs of pre-walker children, both in terms of foot health and usability. It goes on easily, it stays on, and it lets the foot move, bend, splay, grip, strengthen and grow as nature intended.