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You will love this if…
You appreciate accessories that have more than 1 use.
It's versatile, can be worn as a boob tube or as a wide band around the tummy.
It's supportive, it offers gentle support on your lower back.
It's comfortable - super stretchy and feels delicious.

It's clever - helps keep jeans, pants and skirts up.

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A little bit more info...

  • You can start to wear Bando as soon as your normal clothes start to get too tight and uncomfortable without needing to start buying maternity clothes. With it's super stretch, Bando can be worn all the way through your pregnancy as your tummy grows. As you start to purchase maternity clothes, Bando is handy for managing any loose fittings so that you are comfortable and confident.
  • Team the Bando with your Belly Belt to wear your regular clothes when pregnant. Bando will smooth out lumps and bumps, and offer the wearer the option of wearing shorter t-shirts and tops in their wardrobe.
  • Seamless comfort in super-stretch fabric. Bando is strongly stretchy, so it offers gentle support for the tummy and lower back.
  • Bando can also be used post-delivery to cover your tummy while breastfeeding. Just pull the tube up to your bra line, and then lift your top to access your maternity bra to feed.
  • Great for layering under tops and over jeans and skirts.
  • You can wear Bando wherever it feels comfortable. Wear it low on the hips to layer under short tops, or high over the tummy to give extra support. Bando can even be worn to hide a pop-out belly button.