Angelcare Deluxe Nappy Disposal System

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You are searching for a completely hands free nappy disposal system. By simply stepping on the foot petal, the lid opens, allowing you to drop the nappy, and then by lifting your foot off the foot pedal the claws open which allows the nappy to drop in to the bin, taking the smell with it. There's no having to push the nappy inside the bin, nor need to twist anything.


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  • Double-Protection Barrier. There's the lid and and also the claw. This means that when you open the lid you don't have to worry about getting a whiff of the smell.
  • The multi-layer film in the refill cassette contains AIR-SEAL technology which offers an effective odour-barrier. Dirty nappies are safely contained and leave no odour in the baby's room.
  • Environmentally Friendly - Nappies are not wrapped individually, which means that the Angelcare Deluxe Nappy Disposal System uses up to 4 times less plastic than other systems. And also means less money spent on refill cassettes. 
  • Easy to empty - remove just like a normal bin liner (approximately once a week).