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Amby Air Baby Hammock Value Package

by Amby

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You need a good night's sleep. Provide your baby with an irresistible sleep space that mimics the warmth and comfort they felt in the mother’s womb with the Amby Baby Hammock. It was good before but now it’s even better with the release of the new and improved Amby Baby Hammock Air. The brilliant new design includes features such as increased air flow and visibility and larger ventilation holes.

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  • Amby's womb-like design and natural motion is comforting to babies with colic symptoms who have trouble sleeping. The hammock's ability to bounce also eases any stomach cramping or gas pains baby might be experiencing.
  • Amby Baby Beds can be adjusted to the incline baby sleeps at best - which is crucial for babies suffering with acid reflux. In addition, the hammock's rocking motion soothes indigestion and lulls the baby to sleep.
  • Babies born prematurely crave a womb-like environment and very often must be held much of the time in their first months. The Amby Baby Hammock provides this safe environment in addition to a natural motion that mimics that "being held" feeling. Premmies are also commonly diagnosed with colic or reflux (or both) which the Amby also treats.
  • Babies who tend to thrash or have trouble getting to sleep respond well to the Amby's natural motion. Many babies learn quickly how to create motion by moving their arms or legs, which soothes them and rocks them back to sleep.
  • While baby may stir during their daytime naps, the Amby responds to those movements and keeps your baby sleeping soundly for longer periods of time. The Amby's portability is also allows you to keep the napping baby nearby.
  • The Amby Baby Hammock is specially designed to promote longer and a more restful sleep for your baby. Parents often find that their baby is restless and cries during the night. The Amby’s design addresses many of the reasons why baby may be unable to get a good night’s sleep. Babies love to be swaddled - it gives them a feeling of security. The hammock provides the natural elements baby experienced for over nine months in the maternal womb. Babies are born into a world that is unlike anything they have experienced inside the womb. They crave closeness and they crave motion. Conventional cribs and cots are firm and flat and provide little sense of security for baby. The Amby Baby Hammock gives baby a slightly upright, soft, curved and contoured surface that gives baby the same snuggled feeling as your loving arms. A baby will usually awaken slowly and peacefully in the Amby, soothed by the gentle bouncing of the hammock initiated by baby’s own small movements, instead of the abrupt arousal often experienced in a cot.
  • In the early months, babies are prone to developing a flat area in the back of the head due to the disproportionate weight of baby’s head on a flat surface. Because the Amby baby hammock allows baby to sleep in a slightly upright position, much of the baby’s head weight is more evenly distributed to the rest of the body. Due to this, our hammock will go a long way in addressing the problem of flat head syndrome (also known as "Plagiocephaly").
  • Package includes the Amby Air hammock sling, mattress with 100% quilted cotton cover, Amby frame, Amby spring (rated to 12kg), spring cover, travel bag and set of two fitted sheets.